Do You Love Me (Dance Edit) - single

Release: March 5, 2021


This song deserves to reach its full potential!” – was my first thought, when the idea of creating a dance edition of ‘Do You Love Me’ occurred. "With this catchy melody, happy lyrics, and good party vibes, it simply MUST live as a Pop tune!" 

I LOVE to party and dance, and to hang out with my friends. And that was my inspiration to create a completely new version of Do You Love Me. 

Inspired by names like Earth, Wind & Fire, Doja Cat, The Weekend, Justin Timberlake, Prince and Maxwell among others, I have a strong desire to challenge myself and to step out of my previous musical comfort zone. 

Do You Love Me (Dance Edit) is a funky, happy-go-lucky, feel-good love song that just gets stuck in your head, clearly aiming to become one of these timeless party tunes that everyone loves to dance to.

The original, more jazzy version, is featured on my debut album I'm Strong.

Claudia Campagnol: Vocals / Keys. Zacharias Celinder: Guitar. Michael Millfield Mølhede: Horns. Laszlo Dancs Jr.: Drum Programming.
Executive Producer: Peter Sundberg. Mix/Mastering: Lars H. Nissen. Cover Art: Sofie BarfoedGraphic Design: Susanne Benz. Label: Giant Sheep Music.


"Do You Love Me (Dance Edit" has been produced with support from Koda's Cultural Funds.

Abracadabra - single

Release: Feb. 10, 2021


Imagine a dreamy, magical universe created by an intensely alluring and expressive vocal, evocatively accompanied by a vintage piano and beautiful out-of-this-world strings, arousing joyful shivers down your spine…


These days, you might hear the word just before a magician pulls a rabbit out of his hat. But in
ancient times, people actually believed that “Abracadabra” was a magic spell – meaning something along the lines of “I create what I speak”.


Abracadabra is also the title of a simple, yet grand and spiritual love story about losing someone – perhaps suddenly and without warning. It makes you wonder what you would do, if you could see that person just one more time – this time knowing that it would be your last moment together.


"Abracadabra" embraces the painful feeling of knowing that someone or something is gone forever, and you simply just NEED them to come back one last time

On March 6, 2021, I participated with this song in the 'Dansk Melodi Grand Prix' (the Danish pre-selection for the Eurovision Song Contest).

Claudia Campagnol: Vocal / Piano. Davide Rossi: Strings. Music/Lyrics by Emil Adler Lei, Melanie Wehbe, and Louis Jarto.
Executive Producer: Emil Adler Lei. Mix/Mastering: Emil Adler Lei. Cover Art: Sofie BarfoedGraphic Design: Susanne Benz. Label: Giant Sheep Music.

Dance With Me - single

Release: July 10, 2020


With my new single Dance With Me – inspired by names like Chaka Khan and Sade – I am entering a funky pop/R&B world that excites me. The song is a feel-good, laid-back take on a summer hit that I hope gets stuck in your head after first hearing it. 

"Dance With Me" is a song about an old love, that never really died... 

Nobody knows when it will fade, but everybody knows that this couple is like water and fire. They will never be able to obtain a balance between them – which takes this relationship on an everlasting roller coaster. 

So, why not just keep it low-key and dance together for a song, or for a whole night – and then continue as friends the next day? 

Claudia Campagnol: All vocals / Keyboards / Music / Lyrics. Carl Mörner Ringström: Guitar. Andreas Hatholt: Bass. Niclas Campagnol: Drums.
Executive Producer: Peter Sundberg. Mix/Mastering: Lars H. Nissen. Cover Art: Sofie BarfoedGraphic Design: Susanne Benz. Label: Giant Sheep Music.


"Dance With Me" has been produced with support from Koda's Cultural Funds.

I'm Strong - debut album

Release: April 23, 2019 (Japan: July 3, 2020)


I'm sincerely inviting you into my world with all I have and all I can. By entering my universe, you are also letting me into yours while you're listening to my songs, and for that I'm forever thankful!

It's not easy to get hold of some of the best people around, and I'm so happy for, and proud of, all the great people being part of my music. Huge thanks to you all for being the strong elements lifting my songs to the highest level. Enjoy - and God bless!

The Japanese edition of "I'm Strong" has been released in Japan by P-Vine Records, and includes the song "Dance With Me" as a bonus track.

Japanese buyers can purchase the CD in Japan here: HMV or Tower Records.

Claudia Campagnol: All vocals / Keys / Bass (except #5) Niclas Campagnol: Drums (except #5) Jimmy Haslip: Bass (#5) Vinnie Colaiuta: Drums (#5) Gerard Presencer: Flugelhorn (#3+4) Eliel Lazo: Percussion (#7) Gábor Bolla: Saxophone (#3) Zacharias Celinder: Guitar (#3) Carl Mörner Ringström: Guitar (#8).

All songs written*, arranged, recorded, and produced by Claudia Campagnol. 
* ) except #10 by Charlie Chaplin / John Turner & Geoffrey Parsons.
Executive Producer: Peter Sundberg. Mix: Lars H. Nissen. Mastering: Erik Zobler. Cover Art: Sofie Barfoed. Graphic Design: Susanne Benz.  Label: Giant Sheep Music.


"I'm Strong" has been produced with support from Koda's Cultural Funds.

'I'm Strong' has received outstanding reviews by the press. Check them out:

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