I'm Strong - 

Debut Album out April 23, 2019

I'm sincerely inviting you into my world with all I have and all I can. By entering my universe, you are also letting me into yours while you're listening to my songs, and for that I'm forever thankful!

It's not easy to get hold of some of the best people around, and I'm so happy for, and proud of, all the great people being part of my music. Huge thanks to you all for being the strong elements lifting my songs to the highest level. Enjoy - and God bless!


Claudia Campagnol: All vocals / Keys / Bass (except #5) Niclas Campagnol: Drums (except #5) Jimmy Haslip: Bass (#5) Vinnie Colaiuta: Drums (#5) Gerard Presencer: Flugelhorn (#3+4) Eliel Lazo: Percussion (#7) Gábor Bolla: Saxophone (#3) Zacharias Celinder: Guitar (#3) Carl Mörner Ringström: Guitar (#8).

All songs written*, arranged, recorded, and produced by Claudia Campagnol.

* ) except #10 by Charlie Chaplin / John Turner & Geoffrey Parsons.

Executive Producer: Peter Sundberg Mix: Lars H. Nissen Mastering: Erik Zobler Cover Art: Sofie Barfoed.

Label: Giant Sheep Music.

'I'm Strong' has received outstanding reviews by the press. Check them out:

All Through You - 

Live @ Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2019